Inscribe your Gira products online

In just four steps, you can create an inscription for your Gira product and send us your design concept.

1. Select your product.
2. Enter the desired text and specify how it will appear.
3. Preview your design concept in the PDF format.
4. Order the inscription you have designed.

We're looking forward to receiving your order. You will receive an e-mail from us confirming your order immediately after it is placed. You will then receive your printed inscription holders in the post. These are non-fading, weather-resistant and wrinkle-free. You can insert these directly into your Gira product. Naturally, you can also print your design concept yourself. To do so, use the PDF file preview that is created.

Note: All-metal rockers of stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and brass for the Gira push button sensor 3 are given laser inscriptions and are not delivered directly by post but via your Gira contractual partner. You must be registered and logged in to individually design all-metal rockers. When you have finished your design, you receive a personal configuration number. Please contact your Gira contractual partner with this number to conclude the order.